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Describe Easter

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Q. Describe Easter

Like all responses the problem is where do you begin? From what viewpoint and how much do you wish to impress your own views on the examiner, or in this case ones readers?
Begin with a parable — historic.
This week our Light Sussex bantam hen hatched out a brood of chicks. Small. fluffy, adventurous and wildly inquisitive. Life for them was just beginning in a world full of new experiences, sights, sound, smells and other chickens, which really sums up what Easter means rather well.
In the cycle of the year the dark chilly days are behind us, the sun shines (except probably on Bank Holidays) the days lengthen, spring is in the air and young peoples fancy turns as ever to courtship, real or flirtatious; life looks brighter and full or at least fuller of promise than it was.
Be religious — very appropriate.
Records show without any reasonable doubt that one particular prophet, some 2000 years ago, came up with a philosophy for living together that was so remarkable that he founded a set of followers who have followed his ideals, though not always to perfection, so that for all this time they have persisted. Like most prophets he was not popular with the established hierarchy and indeed so unpopular that he was slain for his beliefs. Yet they persist and are enshrined in your local church as, one might say, a light to guide one through the many events of life. One does not celebrate that martyrdom but rather the belief that there is the possibility of life after death by following his teaching: define that as you will as so many philosophers over the years have done.
So, Easter is a time of hope, of enthusiasm, of a new beginning as the crops grow, the young mature and everything seems somehow to be possible. As the young might put it "Life is Cool!"
Be realistic — the world is a busy place.
Given a holiday weekend, as most people will be, there are just so many options to consider. Visiting the family, amusing the children, coping with the garden, shopping, decorating, or even just watching television and trying not to think about the ironing; so why think of going to church?
Partly tradition, like Christmas I suppose, but there is also the real opportunity to meet quite nice people who share your world and are committed to helping others — what they call 'Fellowship' — and you might well find that they could influence how you look at your world. Either way it is an interesting activity and one that many folk enjoy, as have their ancestors for generations.
Sum up.
There are two origins for the spring festival of Easter. The primitive Saturnalia celebrating fertility, love, and happiness — though not necessarily in that order -
and the deeper philosophical wish to begin life again free of all that has held one back in the past — to be a better person, or at least have a good try.
So on the whole I would say that Easter is a good thing, an experience to be enjoyed and remembered as the year rolls on, and one that we should take part in, not by just saying "Happy Easter', but by making it so as much as we can.

By explanation I should explain that our worthy Webmaster asked me to write a few words on the meaning of Easter. A request that took me back to the horrors of the examination room of so many years ago. Hence the layout.
However if it prompts a few comments one will be satisfied. If the church is full on Sunday I will be amazed; but would be pleased to see you there.

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