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Do You Have One Of These?


We were contacted last week by Mr Antony Hoare, who wanted to make us aware of a fascinating family story.

Mr Hoare's brief email message was as follows: "A campaign was started by Chelford WI in the late 20s called the Pick Up Paper Pick Up Glass Society or PUGPUPS. My aunt, Jean Brodie Hoare (a teenager), was the initiator I believe and was assisted by her mother, Gwen. They lived at a house called Dalefields"

Mr Hoare went on to explain that he was going through old family papers and wondered if anyone in Chelford would be interested in them. The papers were subsequently forwarded to the webteam and having had a brief look through, it's clear there is an interesting story of Chelford life in the 1920s and beyond.

Some of the correspondence comes from national newspapers and also from well-known people of the period e.g. Enid Blyton.

The webteam have undertaken to return some of the more special items of correspondence to the family as it would be a shame for them to lose valuable reminders of their family's past.

In one of his emails, Mr Hoare expressed sadness that none of the badges, made by Fattorini's of Bradford remained. Then at the bottom of the packet, we found the badge pictured above. Has anyone seen one of these before?

If you would be interested in helping unravel this piece of Chelford history, please contact the webteam here

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