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For the love of scrubs

for the love of scrubs

We were alerted to this brilliant volunteer initiative by Sue Roycroft.

Sue says "A call has gone out locally for help with this. They are asking people if they can either make some scrubs or scrub bags, or donate old sheets and/or pillow cases to be used for making them.

The facebook page gives the basic patterns for the scrubs. The scrub bags are for those using them to be able to put their scrubs in to take them home and put them straight in the washer in the bag. These bags therefore have to be made of material capable of being washed at 60 degrees.

The bags can either be a pillow case adapted with a drawstring top, like a school gym bag ! or made from sheeting or cotton material approx 20' by 27' with a drawstring top.

If anyone can help that would be wonderful. I can act as the local contact with the lady from Congleton who has started the local version of the initiative.

If anyone can donate or make anything they could drop them off with me or ring me on 01625 861509 and I will collect if they leave them on their doorstep. The lady from Congleton will collect from me and deliver to local hospitals."

Here is some morebackground from "The Love of Scrubs" facebook page

This group was formed by Ashleigh Linsdell after identifying to shortage in supply for scrubs to frontline NHS staff during the 2020 COVID-19 Epidemic. This facebook group is a platform to enable those who are able to, and would like to contribute towards supplying hospitals local to themselves with scrubs for front line workers.

Some hospitals in the UK are facing shortfall in scrubs and PPE, this means our nurses are not as safe as they should be. We are aiming to produce 100+ sets of adult nursing scrubs.

If you are an authoritative person at a hospital or NHS facility and would like to receive donations, please contact us on the following email with the summary "WE NEED SCRUBS".

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