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Garden Visitors


Here are some fantastic pictures from Jim Evans, taken in his garden. This shows what interesting wildlife we have in our area.

The redpolls are fairly common lowland birds that behave in a similar way to tits, e.g. hanging from branches to feed. They are highly gregarious and are seen in flocks. They tend to feed on small seeds from trees such as birch and alder. They also eat some insects. As you can see they're also quite fond of sunflower seeds. The one pictured is a male, coming into its breeding plumage as March nears.

That handsome bird sitting on a branch is a Fieldfare, a member of the thrush family and about the same size. These are mainly winter migrants to Britain and by now, most of them will be on their way back to Central Europe, Scandinavia and Russia for the breeding season. The birds move around in small to medium sized flocks, feeding as they go. You'll often see them in open fields with hedgerows. If you're lucky, you'll spot some Redwings (close cousins) in amongst the flocks.

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