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Hedges and Overhanging Trees


A continual concern of many residents is the overgrown hedges and hanging trees which encroach on our footpaths. In some areas, it is impossible for two people to pass each other without stepping into a grass verge or worse, onto the road. Prams and mobility scooters also find it difficult to negotiate some of the foliage. Many of the problems, which lie within the boundaries of private property, are the responsibility of home owners. Cheshire East is responsible for trees and hedges which are situated on their land, in particular Mere Court and areas well away from private property. The Parish Council has no responsibility for hedges and trees, apart from the land by the Village Hall, which includes the play area and the sports field.

However, the problems of hedges and trees are reported regularly to Cheshire East by the Parish Council Clerk, who often submits photographs to identify locations. This has been done recently. It is important to note that some home owners mistakenly believe that their responsibility ceases beyond a brick wall or fence. In many cases, the land beyond brick walls and fences is owned by the home owner and this is often where many problems lie, because of encroachment on to footpaths.

Please will you do your best to keep footpaths completely clear from overhanging tree and hedges, so that pedestrians can use them safely.

The Parish Council

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