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Hedges, Trees and More

overgrown hedges

The Parish Council is receiving a growing number of resident complaints about overgrown garden hedges, trees and bushes which are the responsibility of home owners. In some places, pedestrians are being forced off the footpaths (sometimes into roads) in order to negotiate their way forward or are having to take evasive action to avoid injuring their faces due to overhanging branches and bushes.

The Parish Council wishes to politely remind homeowners that they should take steps to ensure that footpaths outside their properties are clear so that pedestrians can walk unhindered. Homeowners should note that boundary walls and fences do not necessarily indicate the extent of their ownership and in many cases land beyond walls and fences which borders footpaths, belongs to the home owner.

Complaints to the Parish Council are forwarded to Cheshire East and it may be that homeowners receive an official communication requesting that immediate action be taken. Where hedges belonging to landowners and farmers are causing problems, these are reported to Cheshire East by Parish Councillors on a regular basis.

Please be community spirited and keep our parish neat and tidy.

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