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Jim's Marathon Success

jim mcb

Here's a really great story about someone many of you will know. Jim is a really keen local runner and in spite of the virus problem, he managed to capitalise on a lot of hard training.  Here he is describing what he did in his own words.

"I retired from my job in the Middle East on 28 March, which happened to be my 60th birthday. Although a lifelong runner, I had not run a marathon since 1991 and I wanted to prove to myself I could still do one in a decent time.

Having been turned down for the London marathon, I had set my sights on the Manchester marathon which was due on 5 April. When it became apparent that this would not occur, I felt like a coiled spring, having trained specifically for the event for 6 months.

Therefore, I ran my own Marathon on my birthday. I plotted a route from Chelford crossroads at Pepper Street to the Village Hall, which was 13.1 miles, then reversed the run to achieve the required distance. My goal was 4 hours and managed to finish in 3 hours 50 minutes. So, a personal goal achieved!"

Congratulations to Jim for persistence and a great performance! He hopes to run the official race at the next opportunity, so let's all wish him luck.

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