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More scams

action fraud

We have been hearing of more scams recently:

  • A persistent series of phone calls which threatens the recipient with having their internet connection cut off unless they respond by pressing the keypad
  • An email, text or phone scam which purports to be about a vaccination appointment.In some cases, people are asked to press a number on their keypad or to send a text message to confirm they wish to receive the vaccine. Doing so is likely to result in a charge being applied to their phone bill.In other cases, callers are offering the vaccine for a fee or asking for bank details.

Like all other scams, the same rules apply;

  • Don't click on links or attachments in unexpected texts, emails or instant messages.
  • Challenge every request for your personal details.
  • It doesn't matter what they say or what they know about you,don't respond to unexpected phone calls, hang up, take five then verify their claims via a trusted method. (such as the usual website or official phone number)

In particular, please be aware that the vaccine is only available from the NHS and the NHS will contact you when it is your turn.You can contact Action Fraud by calling 03001232040 orby clickinghere

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