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NHS Training Event at the Hub

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Most of you will be aware that Chelford Community Hub is closed for all actvities and social events except the Pop Up Post Office which is open on Mondays 9.30am to 11.30am and Wednesdays 2pm to 4pm.

It was with pleasure that we were able to help Chelford Surgery and the NHS with providing a venue for a training course connected with the Corona virus outbreak today. It really fits in with the ethos of supporting our local community.

The event was for trainee doctors and nurses to help within Chelford and the surrounding area as the situation unfolds. The Hub gave a warm welcome and lots of sweets, biscuits and goodies for the group, and also passed on our community's thanks for all their work. We also told them about the fantastic response last night in the "Clap for Carers" event at 8pm. Thanks to all who took part last night!

Chelford Together are well aware of the financial pressures that many will experience in our community, through loss of earnings or jobs, the self employed and those who have families and recently moved into the village who may be struggling. We will be setting up a Chelford Food Bank run by volunteers.... watch on here now you can donate, or how you will be able to access it's help.

Please take care, look after each other, your neighbours and keep the rainbows growing!
I noticed yesterday several appeared under car wipers yesterday! Please display in the window of your house!

The photo shows Dr Helen Thomas and the students at training event today

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