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Parish Council Important Message


Chelford Parish Council was able to hold its first meeting on Wednesday 23rd April since the Government announced current restrictions. Following the issue of new Government regulations and guidance as a result of the crisis, members held a remote meeting. The new regulations give Parish Councils permission to hold remote meetings at appropriate times, until the Government issues any new advice and guidance resulting in a change of regulations. In effect, all future meetings of the Council will be by remote means for at least a number of months. In addition, the annual parish meeting and the annual Parish Council meetings in May, will not take place until May 2021 and all current positions on the Parish Council will remain in place until that date.

At the remote meeting, discussion focused on a number of key issues arising out of the coronavirus restrictions. In particular, some members expressed concern about the closure of recycling centres, with evidence of fly tipping in the locality. The Parish Council understands that this matter is already under discussion. Further, members raised the growing concerns about speeding traffic through the Village and the Clerk will be raising this problem with the Police. The Council continues to receive complaints about overgrown hedges and overhanging trees which present obstacles when walking on pavements, particularly for prams and mobility scooters. Also pedestrian are forced to walk on grass verges or worse, into the road. Whilst some of these fall under the responsibility of Cheshire East and which are reported by the Clerk, many of problems lie within land owned by residents. Whilst we appreciate that in the current restrictions, it may not be possible for work to be undertaken by some residents, where possible, please can residents check hedges and trees and undertake remedial work without breaching the current restrictions. It is important to appreciate that the boundaries of private ownership do not always stop with a boundary wall, fence or even a hedge.

Members took the opportunity of recognising the remarkable voluntary work going on in the Parish. They wish to convey their grateful thanks to all volunteers, organisations and local businesses in the Parish, for the outstanding support being offered to residents in need. The Chelford community responded almost immediately to the crisis and significant and vital assistance has been maintained throughout, thanks to the efforts of everyone, but special thanks to those who have organised and facilitated the design and delivery of support services, including our local business owners. However, members also expressed their thanks to all those neighbours and friends who have been supporting those at risk. It goes without saying, that the contribution of those in front line services like the NHS and care homes is incalculable.

All updates received by the Parish Council can be found on the Parish Council website: and also more recent updates can be found in the link on the Home Page of this website underneath the main picture.

Please stay safe and observe the lockdown restrictions.

Chelford Parish Council

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