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Parish Council Update

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Below is a summary of the virtual Parish Council meeting held on the 10th September:

The Council received the latest police report for Chelford incidents over the last month. There were two road accidents where drivers failed to stop, although one driver was traced; an attempted break in at an unoccupied house; during several police speed checks, 38 vehicles were recorded as exceeding the speed limit through the Village.

Planning--An application to remove the local connection criteria in a 106 agreement, for the shared ownership units (affordable homes) on the Jones site, has been submitted by Wythenshawe Community Housing Group, who own the properties. If this is approved, it will mean that the affordable homes can be made available to anybody outside Cheshire East. Currently, affordable homes in Chelford can be allocated to Chelford residents; those with a connection to Chelford; Cheshire East residents, in that order of priority. The Parish Council is to submit a strong objection to this application.

Chelford Speedwatch reported that in the last three sessions, over 50 vehicles were recorded as exceeding the speed limit through the Village, the fastest being 56mph. All vehicles were reported to the police, who will communicate with offenders.

Mere Court refurbishment is at an advanced stage. Recently brass rubbing posts have been installed and a security bollard has been located at the entrance. Picnic tables will be placed in several locations and further remedial work on the grounds will be undertaken. Work on the pond will begin in late Autumn.

A sum of money from the market site 106 agreement has been granted to the Village Hall by Cheshire East. This will be used to improve the indoor facilities.

Recent damage to road signs at the end of Dixon Drive and Pepper Street has been reported to Cheshire East. It is unclear why attempts to uproot these signs have taken place.

The missing glass in the bus shelters has been reported to the relevant organisation on a number of occasions but to date no action has been taken. The Parish Council is trying to ascertain ownership of the overgrown planters by the bus shelter in the centre of the Village. The overgrown footpaths from the roundabout towards the Village Hall have been reported regularly to Cheshire East for remedial work--we are awaiting action.

Overgrown private hedges on footpaths remain a problem and Cheshire East will be contacting home owners.

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