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Parish Council Update

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Below is a brief summary of the virtual Parish Council meeting held early in October:

Relatively low level of crime was reported by police in September. Residents are reminded to ensure all items of value are secure in garden sheds and that cars are locked when parked on the drive and that no items are visible in the car.

Cllr Asquith, the Ward Councillor, reported that he will request 'calling in' the application which seeks to amend the Stobart 106 agreement, so that two affordable homes can be be sold outside Cheshire East. Calling in the application will mean that any decision will be taken by Committee and not by planners. The Parish Council has submitted strong objections to the application. Cllr Asquith is working with Cheshire East to resolve pedestrian problems caused by overgrown hedges and trees on the main road and also to try and rectify the continual flooding problem by the railway bridge

Two planning applications were considered, one for Woodfin Croft and one for the Gate House on Chelford Road. The Parish Council did not record any objections.

Parish Councillors discussed the latest Government White Paper called 'Planning for the Future'. It was agreed to submit various responses to the questions posed in the document. In particular, councillors expressed concern at the possibility of local consultation with planning applications, becoming redundant. Concern was also raised about the possible reduced role for Neighbourhood Plans.

The revised Cheshire East Site Allocations and Development Policies document was received by members. Changes for Chelford included reduced safeguarded land east of the railway and returning more land back to the Green Belt. The land behind Chelford Farm Supplies is now classed as safeguarded. The document will now be available for public consultation.

Damage caused in the play area by the Village Hall will be repaired, along with the fence by the MUGA field.

The Parish Council is still awaiting a response from Cheshire East as to the ownership of the planters by the bus shelter which are in a poor state.

The Parish Council noted that the proposed winter gritting service changes did not affect Chelford
It was noted that the missing glass in the bus shelters has still not been replaced and this will be reported again.

It was agreed to ask residents to complete a questionnaire on the green spaces in Chelford. This can be found on the Parish Council website.

It was agreed that a draft letter be prepared and circulated to members for approval, politely requesting that residents keep their hedges and trees suitably trimmed, to avoid problems for pedestrians.

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