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Parish Council Update

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The Parish Council continues to meet each month online At the recent February meeting, the following matters were discussed and actions identified where appropriate:

  • Several residents attended the meeting to raise their objections to a planning application in the Parish. After members considered the application, Council resolved to support these objections in its submission to Cheshire East.
  • Complaints have been received from residents about bins being left outside properties. Cheshire East stress that bins should not be visible outside properties once they have been emptied. It was agreed to provide further information on the PC website.
  • Members considered the latest rail proposals for rescheduling services through Chelford. It was agreed to respond to the consultation by stressing the need to retain services through Stockport, something which the current proposals do not include. Thanks to David Stannard for his guidance.
  • The police have notified the Council that there have been several CoVid breaches in the area and 14 vehicles were recorded as speeding on Knutsford Road recently.
  • Members discussed Cheshire East draft plans for refurbishing the sport and recreation areas by the Village Hall. A variety of amendments are to be submitted to Cheshire East, so that a new draft can be completed and returned for further consultation. The plans will be made available to residents in due course.
  • The Parish Council is to submit a response to HS2 consultation requesting that construction traffic does not go through the Village
  • The Council has been notified of new piling works to be undertaken by David Wilson Homes. Details on the PC website
  • Road closure notices can be found on the PC website
  • Cheshire East have been made aware on a number of occasions about the persistent flooding issues by the Village Hall and by the railway bridge on the Alderley Road. We are told that they are currently under consideration. The PC has no power or responsibility to deal with flooding matters other than to report them.
  • Members noted that a number of signs have not been replaced by Cheshire East and this will be reported again by the Clerk.
  • The PC has been notified by Cheshire East that work on Mere Court pond will begin in March
  • The PC has previously requested that Cheshire East undertake remedial work on the green spaces off Dixon Drive. This has now been delayed.
  • The PC is currently undertaking a survey of hedges and trees in the Parish to identify problems with footpath access. We remind homeowners to check their boundaries to ensure that hedges, bushes, trees etc. do not restrict access to footpaths or do not reduce the width of footpaths. The PC will discuss appropriate action in due course where problems are identified.
  • The PC regularly reports problems to Cheshire East which occur in the Parish e.g. bus shelter damage, damaged signs, footpath access and when the Speedwatch operates, all speeding vehicles are reported to the police. Please note that the majority of problems which residents report, are beyond the powers of the PC to take action and appropriate responses lie with Cheshire East. However, the PCcontinually issues reminders to Cheshire East where problems remain.If youwishto report a problempleasecontact the PC Clerk, who will make sure your concern is submitted toCheshireEast
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