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Scouting Alive & Well in Chelford

This is a difficult time for all our village organisations but it's also a time for innovation.

There's a lot going on in the world of Scouting in Cheshire, in spite of no-one being able to get together as usual. For example, on this weekend, there's a virtual camp, complete with a camp menu and activities designed to ensure that the spirit of community that is Scouting continues to thrive.

If you'd like to see what's going on in the wider world of Scouting, click here

Our Cubs have been particularly active. Here's a report from our Cub Leader, Trevor.

"The 1st Chelford Cubs and Scouts have been meeting virtually over the past few weeks since the lockdown come into force.

They've been doing a mixture of fun interactive activities that include quizzes and an indoor scavenger hunt. Last week they met an airline pilot who is based in Dubai that pilots a Boeing 777 for Emirates. It was a great meeting with lots of interesting questions, including where does the waste go when a toilet is used on an aircraft?

The Cubs, as well as Scouts, learned a lot about what it was like to be a pilot. We ended the meeting with a quiz on Kahoot. The Cubs & Scouts are also doing badge work at home. When completed a badge is posted out to them. We have also made our own dens indoors. We can still take new members so if your child would like to join or try it out, contact us"

The thriving Beaver group is also very active in badge work during the lockdown.
They're doing badges in Cycling, Hobbies, Animal Friend, Cook and Photography. These are all activities which can be done at home with parental supervision. The evidence for the Beavers having done their badge work is then emailed to Beaver Leader, Bob. You can see some great examples of work towards the Photography and Cook badges in the pictures.

It all shows that even when it's impossible to meet as usual, Scouting still provides lots of friendship, fun things to do and lessons for life.

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