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Speedwatch Update


Chelford Speedwatch was set up in response to resident concerns about the number of vehicles exceeding the speed limit along the A537 through the Village. In particular, vehicles approaching and leaving the Village were creating potential danger by failing to observe the 30mph limit.

Speedwatch monitoring has been occurring regularly throughout each week and the police have recently approved a new location, for traffic approaching the Village from Knutsford. On the suggestion by the police to run more than one team as membership is growing, a new radar gun has been purchased. The will allow several locations to be covered at the same time.

There have been a number of requests from residents to join the team and if you are interested, please contact:

PCSO Lindsay Whatever via email:

Before anyone can become a Speedwatch member, you have to undertake a short session of police led training with the radar gun and which also includes some health and safety awareness.

Speeding through the Village remains a problem. On average, each hourly Speedwatch session records at least 30 vehicles which exceed the speed limit, a number of which are recored in excess of 40 mph. In the last week two cars were recorded at speeds of 60mph and above going through the Village. As a reminder, the Speedwatch team act on behalf of the police, by recording speeds, registration numbers and make of vehicle. All details are submitted each week to the police for their database and based on the information, they will then take appropriate action.

Speedwatch is not a means of deliberately trying to catch drivers out, but rather a visible reminder to people of the need to drive within the designated speed limit to keep everyone safe.

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