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Speedwatch Update


Regular sessions, helped by the addition of new members, have been held throughout July, with a focus on early morning and early evening. These were times which residents have highlighted as hazardous due to speeding vehicles through the Village. Evidence from the sessions supports these concerns. It is not unusual to track vehicles entering the Village at over 50 mph and approaching the zebra crossing at high speeds. Several months ago two vehicles were recorded at over 60 mph and these drivers are now being considered for prosecution.

On average, 30 vehicles every hour are recorded at speeds well in excess of the speed limit. Many drivers fail to adjust their speed on entering the Village, particularly at the Egerton Arms transition from 50mph to 30mph. Drivers ignore the signs and speed indicator device at the end of Dixon Drive. The same problem is true for vehicles entering the Village from the roundabout. It is also common for drivers to accelerate once they reach the bridge on leaving the Village, failing to appreciate that the 30 mph limit is in force until past the Village Hall. Consequently, the Speedwatch team chooses locations to monitor these stretches of road. Given the numbers of offenders the police have also increased their speed monitoring in the Village.

As a reminder, offending vehicles are recorded showing speed, make, colour, time, date and location. These are then submitted to the police after each session for their database. Where appropriate letters will be sent out to owners of vehicles with a risk of future prosecution. Drivers should also note that the radar guns used, have a considerable range and can record speeds some way beyond the actual Speedwatch location. Some drivers appear to think that once they have passed the team, they can accelerate above the limit and not be tracked--this is a mistaken assumption. The team now monitors vehicles in both directions at the same time.

You should be aware that the zebra crossing lights have been extended in height to improve visibility and to give drivers warning of potential hazards well in advance.

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