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Speedwatch Update


Chelford Speedwatch is now operating regularly along the A537 between the parish boundaries. There have been additions to the team thanks to new volunteers who have now been trained by the police and who have now joined existing members. After discussions with the police, the team is now able to vary locations, which will allow improved collection of data and monitoring of traffic. With a larger team of volunteers, funding for a second speed recorder is to be sought, so that two teams can operate simultaneously in different parts of the village or at different times in the week.

Regrettably, speeding traffic remains problematic, although during weekdays the ratio of incidents to traffic volume, from vehicles approaching the centre of the village from Knutsford, shows a small improvement. However, two recent monitoring sessions by the Village Hall, tracking vehicles east bound and west bound, gave rise to some very concerning statistics. In one hour session at weekend, 53 vehicles exceeded the speed limit and in a number cases, speeds well in excess of 40mph were recorded. A second weekday one hour session recorded 39 instances where the speed limit was exceeded, including one case of 49mph. This was in spite of the speed indicator sign informing drivers that they were exceeding the speed limit.

Drivers are reminded that details of offending vehicles i.e. registration, make and colour, are recorded and forwarded to the police who will then determine what action to take. It is likely that you will receive contact from the police.

Speedwatch teams operate for the sole reason of keeping the roads and pedestrians safe through our village. Please observe the speed limits.

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