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Story Massage

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Here's something interesting and useful in these times from Julia Williamson. She tells us about Story Massage and how it can help.

" Hello, my name is Julia and I am a Wife , a Mum of 2, owner of a black Labrador and passionate about helping and assisting people of all ages and abilities.

I am a trained NNEB Nursery Nurse, Body Therapist and Story Massage Practioner . I have worked with children and their families for over 25 years and have been interested in holistic therapies and how they can help us all retune , allow all important ' Me Time' ,relieve tensions , stresses, strains and soothe our mind and body.

Now I wish to share with you the amazing benefits of Story Massage for all ages and abilities. It combines creative Story + Rhyme telling with simple yet effective massage movements in a respectful way, over clothes. Story Massage can be performed on the back , arm , hand , cheek , leg or foot so it is perfect for all .

It can also be used as a teaching aid , wonderful for visual and creative learners, if their is a topic at school then I can design a Story Massage that can run alongside .....therefore backing up and helping in memory retention of the topic .

It is a super time to put down the phone , tablet , t.v remote and be able to listen to the stories words, fabulous for boosting language and communication .

We all have our own stresses and tensions . Babies and children of all abilities are no different , as we all enjoy a top back , shoulder massage to get rid of tight knots aches and pains , children and the older generation do too . Allowing the release of the feel good hormone Oxytocin will assist in easing tension , headaches, build self confidence, clear mind fog and can also relax so perfect for using in a bedtime routine to promote a great nights sleep .

I am available to assist in group classes or individual classes via Zoom at present with us social distancing and staying home , however the Lullaby Session is always by zoom and is just me , yourselves and whoever you are going to give a Story Massage too ."

If you are interested in having a session please feel free to contact me on

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