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Ukraine Appeal

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We feel sure everyone has seen the horrendous pictures of destruction of the bombing in Ukraine and it is difficult to believe that anyone couldn't feel unaffected by the war in Ukraine; but we seem to be seeing less and less of it on the news; however hundreds of thousands of families are still struggling.

Families were forced to leave their homes with literally what they stood up in. It is now the summer in the Ukraine, imagine having to send your children out to play with no toys at all, their playgrounds have been bombed, they don't have scooters or bikes to go out to play on now colouring books or cuddly toy to play with in the evening.

Therefore if you had anything that perhaps your child might have outgrown, or you might have some nappies hiding at the back of a cupboard that no longer fit or you feel you might be able to pick up a pack of nappies or a colouring book when you go shopping this weekend for a child to enjoy.

We now have a local drop off point at Roadside House, which is next to the farm supplies. Your donations will be taken to the Ukraine boarder in the first week of August. Should you wish to donate if you could please drop any donations by the 8th August.

Please see link below for the full article in the Knutsford Guardian, photos to follow.. .

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