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When you're out for a walk ....

wood sorrel

If you're out for a walk, keep an eye out for all the changes that are going on around you and send us a picture of anything you find cheers you up, interests you or even something you might not have seen before.

It's amazing, living where we do, how much wildlife you can see from your window or your garden.
The next time you have the chance, just watch the sky for 10 minutes and see what types of birds pass by. It won't be long before the swallows, martins and then swifts turn up again. In Chelford, you'll even see oystercatchers flying about.

Email any pictures to us here

Around this time, wood sorrel (oxalis acetosella) is popping up in woods all around the area ( well, it did in previous years). Here's an early patch (pictured) from this week. The plants form distinctive clumps in woodlands and shady hedgerows, often growing from moss on fallen logs or stones. Rising from these cushions, the delicate white flowers hang on tiny stems, blooming around Easter. As a result, it's sometimes known as Hallelujah.

If you see these in a wood, it's often an indication of ancient woodland.

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